Bubble Tea Cafe In Davie

Established in 2009, M & H Cafe is a bubble tea cafe that serves a wide range of modern bubble teas and other refreshing drinks.

We are located in Davie.

Enjoy tea in a fun and refreshing way


Bubble Drinks... Chewy and Yummmmmy!

Tired of drinking tea in the traditional way? Pop in our cafe and experience a wholly new tea drinking experience with our specialty drink, the bubble tea! Also known as bubble drink, pearl tea, boba tea, this fun and amazing beverage has become the favorite of both youngsters and the elderly in Davie. At M & H Cafe, we serve an assortment of modern bubble teas with many flavors that are catered to the American lifestyle.

Bubble tea cafe Davie

Thirst-Quenching Beverages For All Tastes

At M & H Cafe, we also have a great selection of other refreshing beverages such as: • Milk Teas • Smoothies • Frozen Coffee • Kids Kreamz, etc. We bring to you over 60+ irresistible flavors in our drinks and you can mix up to 3 flavors in just one cup! You will surely find something that you love the most in our cafe.

Indulge in the sweet creamy and milky taste of our smoothies


We Also Serve:

  • Paninis  
  • Wraps
  • Salads  
  • Soups  
  • Sandwich  
  • Daily lunch specials

Customize your bubble drink and taste the difference!