Healthy Paninis and Wraps In Davie

Want something warm, crusty and savory to accompany your favorite bubble drink?

M & H Cafe serves a variety of healthy and delicious paninis and wraps in Davie.

Grab the perfect dining experience at M & H Cafe


Paninis Grilled To Perfection

At M & H Cafe, we serve paninis with a wide variety of fillings. Our paninis are prepared with ciabatta bread and are served either as a half or a whole. Chips and salsa are included in every serving. Drop by our cafe today and choose from our range of tasty options available!

Paninis and Wraps cafe Davie

Delicious Wraps, Just Like You Love It!

Here at M & H Cafe, all of our wraps come in your choice of spinach, tomato basil or wheat. Our wraps are accompanied with chips and salsa and they can also be pressed on the grill. Rest assured that each order is prepared using the freshest ingredients available and with plenty of love and care. Our delish wraps are healthy and makes for the perfect snacks for customers of all age groups.

The perfect place to hang out with friends and to relax


Refreshing beverages to accompany your favorite panini/wrap:

  • Bubble Tea
  • Milk Teas
  • Custom smoothies
  • Frozen coffee
  • Kids Kreamz

Our scrumptious paninis and wraps will leave you biting your fingers!